Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beauty Buying Ban?

Hey fashionistas, you read the title right the first time.

Beauty ban month has officially happened.

Over on my friend Michaela's blog she talked about deciding to go on a beauty buying ban this month.
Well I hate to say it but, I think I need to do the same. I spend too much money on makeup!
I have a lot of things that go unloved because I'm always finding 'newer' and 'better' things when the now unloved product was just fine in the first place!
I tried to Project Pan 10 but I failed miserably, not really failed just didn't finish up all 10 products.
This will be easier for me. I hope...
One month without buying things that aren't necessary; i.e. face wash, moisturizer, mascara, face products.

I should be good on everything except moisturizer as I'm currently out of mine and need to pick up another.

Wish me luck fellow addicts. I hope you'll join in with me, finish up a few products, and keep some cash in your wallets!




  1. im thinking i have to do the same! i've bought so much makeup its silly! going to try and not buy anything till the imats at the end of jan but even that might be too hard :P xx

  2. hey hun i've tagged you over at my blog =) x

  3. Technically, I KNOW that I have to do the same. I'm spending way too much money on beauty products and my banking acocunt is already screaming, and we're only the 2nd of the month. Oh my.
    But January is a period of the year when sales happen everywhere and for a whole month in France. It would be hard to resist.
    HOWEVER if I DO resist, THAt would be a hell of a victory :)
    Thank you for the thought :)

  4. I'm doing the same thing. Except I'm hoping to even do it beyond just January. It's so hard, especially seeing things on other blogs that I would love to buy!

  5. a good way to start the year right! goodluck, girl! :)

  6. Im am so joining this!! I hope it isnt too late. But I buy and have people buy me more makeup than I need. Especially when there are so many other things out I'd like to get.

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  7. It's now official, I'm joining you... Allow me to give you the link of my article to make it even more official (and don't think that this is a stupid self-advertising thing I found here ^^) :
    I am ready to resist!!
    (and again, thanks for the thought ;) )


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