Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OOTD (Shocker there.)

Hello girlies(:
Seen as I was a good girl and came home and did my homework right away I have time to do a blog post BEFORE dinner/a shower instead of after.

Here's what I wore today.

Sorry for the blurred cat in the background, Java decided he wanted to walk right in on my picture! How rude is he?
  • Shirt: Kohls
  • Tank top: Kohls
  • Cardigan (my absolute, all time favorite one): Kohls
  • Jeans: JCP
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Earrings (little silver bows, I don' t think you can see them): Forever 21
I guess I really like Kohls!

I would list the products I used if I could remember! Sorry that was over a full 12 hours ago!




  1. Cute Cute Cute I love the long cardigan and the flats! :) xoxo Camille @ nevernaked.blogspot.com

  2. Love the outfit and I cant believe your makeup still looks that good after 12 hours!!

    P.S. cats just cant help but get in the way :)


  3. love the shirt and cardigan <3

    follow me?/check mine?

  4. hey ^_^ thanks so much for becoming a follower I've followed back x love your Cardi and my slippers are from NEXT catalogue , my friend Katie bought them for me for my birthday on-line I think, here's the link for you and mine are a size large which fits me perfect and im a 6 with enough room if your a 7-8 but if your a 5-6 then maybe get the mediums x :) x http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/women/shoesandboots/100/20?extra=sch&n=women&pid=733-715&returnurl=/shop/gattgender-women-cat-slippers-0%3fx%3d1%26nxti%3d0%26nxtv%3d0%23733-715&bct=%26quot;Shop%20By%20Product%26quot;%26nbsp;%26gt;%26nbsp;Women%26nbsp;%26gt;%26nbsp;Slippers

    Sophie-Lou x


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