Thursday, October 21, 2010

This or That Tag

Here's a little tag for you all(:
I tag ALL of you lovely fashionistas!


blush or bronzer: Bronzer to contour, you can always pinch your cheeks to look rosey or use lipstick and just blend really well.
lip gloss or lipstick: I'm a gloss girl all the way!
eye liner or mascara: Mascara, need I explain!
foundation or concealer: I actually don't use foundation, I use concealer and just dot it along my jaw and blend it with some of my Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid moisturizer.
neutral or color eye shadow: Neutral, it really brings out the blue in my eyes.
pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed, pigments are nice but messy.
brushes or sponges: Brushes.

OPI or china glaze: I guess OPI, I just hate that they're so expensive so I only own 4.
Long or short: Short is what I have because my nails break really easily. I'd like them to be medium length.
Acrylic or natural: I had acrylic and they really messed up my nails, I have small dents up by the top of both my thumb nails. I do use press-ons.
Brights or darks : I like darks overall but, I do love pinks!
Flower or no flower : No flower.

perfume or body splash: I have more body sprays but, I like perfumes more (they're just so darn expensive!)
lotion or body butter : Lotion.
body wash or soap: Body wash. I love Bath and Body Works' washes.
lush or other bath company: I've never had Lush so I guess Bath and Body Works it is!

jeans or sweat pants: Jeans for out of the house but when I home I LIVE in my VS PINK sweats! I have some on now.
long sleeve of short: Short
dresses or skirts: Dresses
stripes or plaid : I guess plaid, but I don't really wear either that much.
flip flops or sandals : Sandals just look nicer. Although I do love flip-flops.
scarves or hats: Both!
studs or dangly earrings : Studs, I went through a dangly phase but I like studs way more.
necklaces or bracelets : Both.
heels or flats : Uhhh, both again! Actually I like wedges more than heels.
cowboy boots or riding boots: Neither.
jacket or hoodie : Depends on what I wearing with it. Just a tee shirt then a hoodie but, if I want to dress up my outfit then a jacket.
Forever-21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21.
Abercrombie or Hollister: Neither.

curly or straight:I have naturally straight hair, so I guess curly. We always want what we don't have!
bun or ponytail: It depends.
bobby pins or butterfly clips: Bobby pins.
hair spray or gel : Hairspray (I'm loving Aussie's Mega spray)
long or short : Long
light or dark : I'm blonde, so I'm going with light!
side sweep bangs or full bangs: I've had both so I don't know!
up or down: Down usually.

Rain or shine: I'm weird, I really like the rain! Only when I'm cuddled up at home with a good book.
Summer or winter: Winter.
Fall or spring : Fall. I love fall fashions.
Chocolate or vanilla : Chocolate.
East coast or west coast: East Coast



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  1. yay! the first person to pick rain! if I did a tag 3 years ago I would probably choose rain, as I lived in a place where it seldom rained. but then I moved to a place with I believe 5 sunny days a year and it changed my priorities a little bit ^)))


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