Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Lusting For.

Hello fashionistas!
I just finished having my dad quiz me for my biology test (fingers crossed I do well) and I thought I'd do a quick post.

I just read a review over on Temptalia's amazing blog about the Mac Sassy Pink Lassies Lipglass Set from the Tartan Tale collection and I now I'm lusting for it!
Here's the link.

This is what you get for a mere $29.50
* Image taken from Temptalia! *

The colors from L-R are
Electro Lush
Fab Fun
Frozen Dream
Sassy Lassy
The Wee Couquette

My birthday is in a one month and tomorrow 3 days, and I asked my mom not to buy me presents but to instead take me on a shopping spree. MAC will be my first stop, seen as I am a MAC virgin!
I really want to pick up this and maybe a blush or eyeshadow.
Let me know what you recommend!

*Picture from Google Images*

I'm still lusting over the ever so famous NAKED palette by Urban Decay. I told my aunt that this is what I want for my birthday/Christmas present. She has Sephora and Urban Decay set up to notify her via email to let her know when it's in stock.

These are just a few of my ever growing wants!

I'm off to bed seen as I have French club tomorrow morning which means I have to get up early (blechh). Luckily on those days my mom and I go out for breakfast and coffee (yumm).




  1. You should definitely get the urban palette, its amazing! Im still loving mine.
    And what a bargain are those glosses?!

  2. The Naked palette is in stock at last I checked. If you are getting some firsts from MAC I recommend eyeshadows in Vanilla, Club, mythology, and sable. For blush I recommend the cream blush in ladyblush and powder blush in well dressed. Have fun, see what you like, and don't make any hasty decisions! Losing your virginity should be something you're sure of, lol!

  3. the naked palette is amazing, beautiful colors :)

    xoxo Christine

  4. I love mac lipglasses ! They make your lips look amazing !! :)
    i'm your newest follower btw ;)


  5. I always ask my mom for shopping sprees instead of a surprise so that I can choose what I want!! She always gives me a surprise present though♥

    Great blog!


  6. Wow, cool blogspot! Very informative!

    Check my shoe design blog? All my designs are hand-drawn too! Take care X


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