Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Presents

Hey fashionistas!
Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I've been sick this past week and today was the first day that I've been out of the house.
I've been dying to show you guys what I got for Christmas, so here I go!

My stocking, filled with some goodies(:

Necklace and barrettes are both from Forever 21.
My mom knows me so well, I love bows so much!

The socks have little Scotty dogs on them; my mom bought these because the mascot of the college I want to go to is a Scotty dog!
The beret is more of an off-white than it's showing up.
These are both also from Forever 21.

This is from my sister. There's notecards, a cute owl wallet, a carmex (love!), some coffee, a Christmas tree lollipop, and two Santa chocolate candies. She's too sweet!

Last but not least, my fancy Toshiba laptop!
I'd known I was getting this since November, but I was still super excited.
My dad got me this case and a plain black one (they were a set).
I think I'm going to buy a webcam for it. Any suggestions?

I went shopping today with my best friend (hi Lily if you're reading this), my aunt, and my mom. So I have a haul post for you all later, most probably tomorrow.

I'll also do my December favorites probably tomorrow or the next day, I might schedule it for Monday.

Happy (almost) New Year!




  1. Nice Gifts and I loveeee bows too. I got me this bow ring: but it was on sale for $12.99. At times is best to go to the stores because the prices might be lower than online. Happy New Year.

  2. Lovely gifts.Happy New Year hope you will have a fabulous 2011

  3. Oh, thanks for the blog shout-out. That's always been a dream of mine, you know.

    Also, happy new year!

  4. looks like you had a lovely Christmas! :]You are so pretty! :]


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