Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Got the NAKED Fever

Hey fashionistas, I've been wanting to post this since I got it on Christmas.
My amazing, wonderful aunt got me the NAKED palette for Christmas!
She did the thing where she led up to the gift by wrapping 3 eyeshadow brushes by ELF, 3 quads to hold eyeshadow pans, and then at the very bottom all wrapped up there was this beautiful palette!

Many of you know that I (along with every other beauty addict) have been dying to get my hands on this palette, and it had been sold out forever! So when I opened this I literally did a little scream!

I'm not going to bore (or make you lust for this more) with swatches! Plus my Nikon was acting up yesterday (but it's fine now).

I used it for the first time yesterday (I would have used it before but I had been sick all week). I used Toasted all over my lid, Half Baked in my mid-tone, Sin, Darkhorse in the crease, and Virgin as my highlight. I tried to get a picture but as I said before my Nikon was acting up and my phone didn't capture it very well.

I hope you girls are able to get your hands on this little gem!




  1. I LOVE my Naked palette! It is going to be your best friend for a while lol :) XX Happy new year!

  2. yaaay so glad you got one =) you have a great aunt!xx

  3. you have a great aunt! happy new year!

  4. @Dyna- I know! I was so happy(:

    @Jaacenda LeeAnn- I've used it once and I didn't need anything else, love it!

    @*Starsglittermagic*- Yeah she's great!

    @snow0016- (: Happy New Year to you too!


  5. lucky girl!!! i originally didn't even want the palette, now i'm like lusting for it, lol. hope that i can find one somewhere



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