Friday, December 17, 2010

I Do Love My Sequins..

Hey fashionistas!
I have an outfit of the yesterday post for you.

Shirt: Liz Clairborne
White Sequin Tank- Target (ages ago)
Black tank- Kohls
Black v-neck: ? Again bought forever ago!
Jeans: I think these are from Costco
Bangles: Two different sets from Forever 21

Sorry for only one picture (and not even full length!), I was literally running out the door and had to get a quick picture (my mom always takes them in case you were wondering.).

I first only had the sequin tank underneath the black v-neck and the blue shirt but I was worried it might be too low and I'd be busted for dress code (which hasn't ever happened). So I just tossed the tank top on just to be sure. Oh and even though they weren't pictured I wore black flats, I was going to wear my ankle boots but my ankle was bothering me that day so I didn't think teetering on 4 inch heels was the best idea especially in crowded halls. In case you were wondering I hurt my foot a couple of months ago and my ankle still acts up.

This outfit was sort of inspired by this picture. If I had worn the boots (and a sequin black skirt) then it would have been more inspired!

I think I'm going to do another post tonight but, post it tomorrow.



PS: Remember the geometry test I took on Thursday? Yeah I totally and completely failed it. I hate geometry oh so much. I don't know the exact grade but apparently the highest grade in the class was a C so.


  1. I love how you have some sequins showing, and I really wish my hair looked as good as yours does everyday!

  2. Aww sorry to hear about your geometry test; that was one my least favorite subjects in high school >.<

    Great outfit, I love how the sequins are subtle so this outfit can be easily worn during the day too :)

  3. That blue just pops aginst your skin!! Cute, casual look!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  4. I love beads, sequins and girly things as well. You look pretty! Sorry for geometry, but cheer up, geometry is just one subject I'm sure You are good at lots of other subjects.
    Take care!
    xo Ra

  5. haha.. sweet mom! love the hair and the sequins!

  6. sequins are pretty. anything that glitters i love. about amber glow, its gorgeous and if it shows up on me i think itll look divine on you as well.

  7. @ Jennifer - Thank you! Surprisingly it doesn't tak e too long to do.

    @ Rinny - Thanks, and geometry + me = a divorce in the making!

    @ Tima - Thanks girly(:

    @ Ramona- Thanks you, you're so nice!

    @ snow0016 - Haha, yeah my mom was making fun of me for having to get a picture even if it meant possibly being late! I wasn't though(: And thank you!

    @ KayKay - I do love sparkle-y things! And I will have to check into that.



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