Monday, December 20, 2010

A Holiday Haul

Hey fashionistas!
Sorry for not posting over the weekend, it was a full weekend!

Yesterday my dad and I went to the Bath and Body Works Outlet store and I picked up a few things for myself, sister, and my mom.

Here's what I got.

This is for my sister and I. We needed more lotion, so I picked out the triple body cream in (L-R)
Japanese Cherry Blossom, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Twilight Woods.
Twilight smells amazing, and Black Raspberry Vanilla smells really good too!

These are for me(:
Co. Bigelow Pink Shimmer and from the Bath and Body Works summer collection the Lemon gloss.

My mom is literally obsessed with the Vanilla Bean Noel scent and I asked the lady that worked there if they happened to have any of the lotions, sprays, etc. and she said no. Luckily somebody who was just shopping there heard and showed my dad and I this candle! So thank you kind person if you are reading this! (:

My mom is also obsessed with the Lemon scent, so I picked up a lemon lotion and a lemon triple body cream. I know you're thinking lemon, it's winter not summer and even though it's not summer I know my mom will love it!

My mom had asked if we could pick up a couple of stocking stuffers for my sister while we were there so we did. We got a full size Country Apple lotion and a travel Sea Island Cotton lotion.

The day before my dad and I had gone to this sports store called Academy and I picked up these fuzzy slippers/moccasins. They were only 5 bucks! I have them on right now(:

I might not do a lot of posting this week because I'm going to be out at my grandparents from Wednesday to Friday night. I'll try to do a couple of posts though.




  1. I lovee the black raspberry vanilla scent!! it's my favorite :) looks like you had a successful shopping trip! i still have to finish mine up.



  2. @ Gina - I'd never tried it before and I'm in love with it now!
    Good luck braving the stores!


  3. aww.. So yummy things.. I so love those vanilla & berries sents.
    Great purchases dear Savannah!
    Have a great time at grandparets ;)

    xo Ra

  4. Japanese cherry blossom is one of my favorite scents from there :)


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