Sunday, December 12, 2010

She Wore What?

Hey dolls, I'm trying out different titles. Let me know if you like catchy titles or just basic OOTD titles. Please and thank you!

So anyways, I wore this to school, a play that my sister's drama class did, and when we went to pick up my best friend and ended up relaxing in the kitchen!

Shirt: New York and Company
Tank top: Aeropostale
Jeggings: Costco (these are so comfy, I'm debating picking up another pair!)
Shoes: Ross
Jacket: Birthday present from my mom's best friend
Earrings: Forever 21
Purse: Jessica Simpson (Ross) another birthday present
Sunglasses: I bought them over summer on vacation, I don't remember where!

On a lot of other's blogs they are able to put photos right next to each other and I don't know how to do it! Do you guys know? If you do please let me know!

So today, we are going to decorate our real Christmas tree, do some holiday baking (mmm!), and take Christmas card pictures. I love the holidays!

Tomorrow marks the last week until winter break! I'm so excited! Family, friends, and good spirits are lingering in the air!

Well I'm off to get ready so we can take our holiday pictures.




  1. Cute... I have a similar JS Handbag- Runway Frame Satchel.

  2. you look so pretty <3

    I have never tried Stila, wish they could sell it in Norway :)

  3. You are so gorgeous. Your makeup is lovely and looks natural.

  4. Thanks girls!

    @ Christine- Stila is ah-mazing! ♥ them!

    @ Nelah- Thank you, you're too sweet!



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