Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chunky Flower Necklace OOTD

Hey fashionistas,
I have an outfit of the day for you all.

While I was trying to decide what kind of accessories I wanted to wear (headband or statement necklace, hmm) I sent this to my best guy friend (hey bestie if you are reading this!) and we decided that the necklace was definitely better!
We decided it was 'spicy'.
I hate this smile, it's too smile-y.

Cardigan: Kohls
Tanktop: Kohls
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21

I'm in love with necklace! It's like my favorite necklace as of now!

Remember the biology test I took on Tuesday? I thought I didn't do that well and I got it back and I got a 96% !
I was super excited!
Now I'm going to do some MORE work on my study guides for exam week. I hate exam week!

Hope you are all well!




  1. Congrats on your test!! :) and I love the necklace!! ♥

  2. Love your smile you should smile more ;)

  3. Cute! I love chunky statement necklaces :)

  4. I love the necklace it looks really good!

  5. Your smile is pretty like youre just such a pretty girl!! Great outfit!!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  6. You look gorgeous! Lovely necklace.


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