Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions For the New Year

Hello dolls,
today I have a little late resolution post for you all.

  1. Branch out of my typical routine. I've gotten too comfortable just hanging out with my best friend every weekend! We need to a.) go somewhere new or b.) hang with some new people.
  2. To be more forgiving. Nobody is perfect. I need to stop being scared of being hurt again and get over the past.
  3. To not procrastinate on assignments. I do my homework right away but those papers that I have weeks for I usually wait until last minute.
  4. Not to stress so much! I seriously work myself up over the stupidest things! I need to take a chill pill.
  5. Remember that no one is watching you like you think they are. Seriously I have this invisible audience thing that makes me nervous!
  6. Get fit. Need I explain? Everyone wants to do it.

I'm scheduling this so this post was written closer to the beginning of the year than it will be when it gets posted!

That's all for now!




  1. A lot of these provisions! I wisch you to meet their! :*

  2. great resolutions =) procrastination is a big one for me too! im terrible at putting off uni work! woops!x


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