Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shopping is Dangerous, Shopping With a Friend is Even More Dangerous!

Hey fashionistas!
Yesterday I went to the mall with my best friend Melissa.
We went to Forever 21 and shopped until we dropped!
Here's what I bought.
I almost didn't get this dress because I don't really have anywhere to wear it but, Mel convinced me that a good LBD is always a must have. Even if you already have a couple.
Plus it was only $20.
Such a steal!
This is the top that I'm going to wear to the Bon Jovi concert on Tuesday!

Just a plain turquoise pendant on a silver chain.
Cute and simple!

Here's what Mel bought.
It's a sheer mauve-y purple top, at first she didn't even want to try it on but I made her and it looked so good on her! I was like "YOU MUST BUY THIS!"

This is a dark purple color, it reminds me of the dress that I almost got last trip to Forever 21.

This was so adorable on, it's striped and it is flow-y. We decided it was a great skirt for summer/spring!

I was going to get these but then I decided against it because I almost always wear studs.
So she was like "well one of us needs to get them.."

I told her that she had to get this to go with the sheer mauve top.

We had such a great time and we laughed a bunch!
One of the best shopping trips I've had in awhile!

Hope your weekend is going well!
Tomorrow my mom and I leave to drive to where our concert is going to be, 9 hours in the car, yeyyy.
Ha, we'll make it fun!
Mother and daughter road trip! (:




  1. Nice picks! Haha I agree that shopping with a friend is really dangerous. My bff and I spent 7 hours at the mall once - our highest record to date :P

  2. Your LBD is adorable! Can't go wrong with one! Lovely post!

    xo, gina

  3. OMG I have that same black dress! I haven't worn it yet; it looks better on you!


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