Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Summary♥

Hey fashionistas,
I had a really great weekend.
Friday night was my parent's anniversary so I stayed home that night with my sister.

On Saturday my dad and sister went to my Nana's house to help her out with some stuff and they spent the night there.
One of my best friends (Mel) came over and we had quite a good time!
First her, my mom, and I went to Costco and picked up some food and stuff.
Yes, we got the delicious frozen yogurt and we split a churro!
Then we came back home and just talked and laughed a lot.
She's hysterical, she had me almost peeing my pants!
Then that night my mom, her, and I all watched a cheesy Lifetime movie and we laughed our butts off!
Gotta love Lifetime movies!
Then we stayed up until almost 2 am just chitty chatting. The two of us could quite possibly talk forever !

We're looking a little rough, it was midnight!

Sunday morning came very fast! Mel and I made waffles and bacon. We used the Krusteaz mix and on the back it said to use the entire box for 8-10 waffles, so we made the whole thing and.. turns out they meant 8-10 Belgian waffles! So we ended up making like over 20 waffles!
The 15 or so that are left are now in the freezer!
Then we decided to make Valentines Day cards for our close BFFs (and two teachers that we adore!) .

Now I'm having some family come over for dinner, but later tonight my mom and I are running over to Mels (not literally running, driving.) to drop off a little surprise! Mel if you're reading this, I can't wait to show you!

Lots of love fashionistas!
I'm dreading that tomorrow is Monday, barf!
Hope you have a good Monday(:



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