Monday, March 14, 2011

Beauty How To- Contouring 101

Hello my beauty-istas!
Today I have a how to post for contouring your face.
Contouring was not something I did up until a couple of months ago, now I do it religiously!
I think contouring is an easy, quick way to define your face and give it more color.

Here are the simple easy steps on how to contour:

1.) First find a bronzer that is dark enough to define your face but, not so dark that it looks like you have mud on your face. Make sure the bronzer is matte, you don't want to look like a shimmering disco ball!

My contouring bronzer of choice is

2.) Take a 'contouring' brush and apply the bronzer to the highlighted areas below.
Don't pack on the bronzer heavily, you just want to dust it over the hot pink areas on the picture of me below (jawline, sides of your face, chin, and temples).
( I don't own a professional contouring brush but, this is what one looks like. Mine is similar to this only it isn't angled like this one.)

3.) Take a fluffy face brush and blend, blend, blend! I typically blend in circular motions. The whole reason you are blending out the bronzer is to create a smooth look, you don't want one part of your face to look darker than another! Make sure to not over blend!

4.) I always take a lighter bronzer and apply it to my cheeks just to give my face more of a warmed up glow. This is just something I do, you don't have to do it.

Here's another little thing I do, I don't typically contour my blush.
I do apply a creme blush to the apples of cheeks and blend it all, then I add a powder blush over it. If I'm going for a glowy/dewy look, I'll take either an illuminating powder and dust it over the tops of my cheeks (sometimes on my nose). This is what I typically use.

I love contouring and I hope I cleared up the confusion you may have had over contouring!
If you do try this out, please let me know!

Lots of love!



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