Friday, April 22, 2011

Fresh Splashes

Hellllllllo fashionistas!
Happy Good Friday!
I wore this to school last Tuesday.

Top: Nine & Co. Tank top: Costco Jeans: GV  Shoes: Nine West Headband: Claire's Bracelets: Local store 

Excuse the strange face in the 2nd photo!

Today I went out to breakfast at a local place (The Bunnery), then went grocery shopping and cleaned up my room. I've also been working on my 86 question biology pre-AICE exam study guide. Pre-AICE stands for Pre- Advanced International Certificate of Education. For my biology class we have to take a 3 pre-AICE exams. The first one is May 18th, so I'm trying NOT to procrastinate! 
The next one is May 23rd, and then the last one is the day AFTER school gets out. 
Oh yeyyyy! *total sarcasm paired with an eye roll*

I have a couple of outfit of the days coming your way this weekend and next week. I also have a requested review for ELF's cream liner coming up. 

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping with my best friend, Melissa, so be expecting a haul post soon!

Have a great weekend (and if I don't post until after Sunday, Happy Easter) !




  1. hi Savannah, i love your top! it looks so feminine, soft and flow-y. You look great! :D Happy Easter, babe!


  2. Pretty, simple outfit!! Hope you have fun on your shopping trip! And good luck with bio!

    xo, gina

  3. Cute outfit! and good luck on your exams, that does not sound too fun :(

  4. awh you look gorgeous xxx and I adore your new banner hun xxx

  5. I love the white blouse on you! It looks so flowy and lightweight - perfect for warmer weather. Good luck with your exams!

  6. That top is super cute on you and those jeggings are soooooooo slimming! I love the way they fit you! Happy Easter and thank you for your sweet comments honey. Super busy this weekend. I will ttyl. Kiah


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