Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Haul..... I Have an Addiction!

Hello fashionistas!
I have another haul for you all. I find it incredibly ironic how I said I wasn't going to do anymore shopping....
Sorry these aren't the best pictures, I took the pictures too late so the lighting in my room was not very good.

On a random note, Happy Father's Day! My dad helps me with tech problems on the blog all the time (and a myriad of other problems), I don't know what I'd do without my daddy! I love him so much!  

These are from Bealls which a department store that is only in Florida.
You can buy offline though, the brand is "Wurl".
I bought these because I was in need of a new pair of wedges and I figured I could wear them with brown or black! My mom and I both agree that the bottom part could have been made to look a little nicer. I like the cut out, I just don't love the material they're made out of! It looks very teen-ish. I am a teen so I guess they're appropriate! 

I have a blazer addiction! The second picture is the back of the blazer. I love this blazer, it's sort of a 3/4 length sleeve with an eyelet pattern. Lightweight, soft, super summery! I already have a couple of looks in mind with this! Can't wait to wear this. I'm not sure if it's a blazer or just a jacket. I'm calling it a blazer. 
This is also from Bealls. 

 My mom picked this up from Hobby Lobby, it was on sale for $5!
I love room decor shopping. 

Another Hobby Lobby purchase. I found this for $6! Originally $30. This isn't really filled, I was just seeing how many rings I could fit in the one section. Sorry that the picture with the top open is sideways, my computer won't save it when I rotate it! Grr.

Another room buy! I was telling mom the other day how I wanted a tray for my room once we redo it to put jewelry or makeup on, then we found this! I had wanted a mirror one, but the ones that had mirrors were a boring shape. This has a little bit of a curve to it. So, mom and I are going to buy these little mirror squares and hot glue them to the bottom. If you can't find what you want, then make what you want! 

I hope you enjoyed my haul!

I have an outfit of the day to put up on Tuesday, so be on the lookout for that! 

Have a great week!



PS: Can you guys believe that I'm only 1 follower away from 200!?!


  1. Cute sandals!! and those are amazing finds!!!

  2. Cute shoes! I love that eyelet blazer! I can't wait to see you rock it girl! How cute would that blazer be with some skinny jeans and those new shoes!! I still need to go to Hobby Lobby I always here the women around here talking about it. The tray turned out AMAZING...can't wait to see it with the mirrors!! I just got a standing jewelry holder. It is wood and HUGE!! I LOVE IT!! Antique. I will most some pics of it one day. Kiah

  3. LOVE the shoes and the tray! They're so cute and perfect for summer! The tray will definitely look good with some makeup and jewelry on it :) Nice finds!

    xo, gina

  4. I actually love the material of those wedges, very chic! I am in love with that tray its such a great idea, I might have to borrow it from you and tell you how it comes out later!

    Great haul and have a fab day girl <3


  5. You have already 202 followers! Yayyy, for that!

    How great stuff You got!
    I have to admit I love room decor shopping too!

    xoxo Ra

  6. Congrats! You broke 200!


  7. Sweet haul!

  8. Cute shoes! I am actually looking for something similar(in brown/tan though).

  9. Ooohhh wicked shoes, and blazer x


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