Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy Breezy

Hellllllooooo fashionistas!
I would like to say a big thank you to Madeleine for taking these outfit pictures yesterday! I had to go into school early for a biology test review, so I couldn't have the momma do it! These were taken in my biology classroom,before school, obviously! 
Thanks girl! To check out her blog click here. She co-writes the blog with her best friend Claire.

Top: Nine and Co. Skort: Dockers Tanktop: Kohls Shoes: Aerosoles Earrings: Mom's Bracelet: Forever 21

The weather here is HOT, so I opted for a black skort and I mixed it with a white, flow-y top. I really love this top, I took it from my mom's closet 2 months ago... She's not getting it back! I paired this with wedges to elongate my stumpy legs. Hair and makeup are the usual, a simple bronze smoky eye and my basically natural hair. I just ran a straightener over the ends of my layers so it all laid uniformly. 

I got my biology test back today, I was very pleased with myself, I got a 90% ! 
I only studied for 1 and a 1/2 hours (well not counting doing the study guide). Ethan and I quizzed each other, he studied less than I did and he still managed to get a 94% ! Jealous. Exam week is coming closer and closer! I'm just very happy I don't have a biology exam. Next week will be stressful, but then summer break is here! I'm pretty darn excited! 

I hope you're all having a great week!




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  2. Thanks for the little link back! haha, love ya!

  3. Very cute outfit and love those shoes!

  4. U have the sweetest face and smile ever !! Very pretty, love your outfit too :)

  5. YAY you did so good on your test!! 90%!! WOW!! You are beautiful and smart....what a package!! lol
    I love that top and it looks fabulous on you! Are you losing weight? Kiah

  6. Whoa! You go girl! You aced that test, I'm sure you will be smoothe sailing through finals week!

    That top is a great steal I wouldn't give it back either lol <33

    P.S. Thanks for all those lovely comments you left on my blog, your one of my favorite bloggers & it means a lot that you actually are interested in my posts haha :P



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