Thursday, June 30, 2011

Polyvore Creations

Hello fashionistas,
I've been messing around on Polyvore.

The outfit below is what I would call a "Summertime Fantasy". I went for a neutral look with a pop of blue. The bronze trio is exactly what I would wear on my eyes for a hot summer day. 
I see a chic girl walking around downtown with her friends in this. Days filled with smiles, laughter, and frozen treats. Sounds perfect!
 Summertime Fantasy

This next look I put together I titled as 'Pink, Gold, Beauty'.
This look has a definite girly vibe to it. I see a girl going on a date with her boyfriend for a casual brunch. Done up, but not over done. Soft makeup, golden and cream accessories, against sweet shades of pink. I adore this skirt, the bow print is subtle, but very cute. The giant bow is fun and flirty, as I said before, I just love this skirt. 
This last outfit I titled as "Sultry Rocker Chic".
I honestly have no clue where I came up with that. I looked over at Melissa and said "what should I title this?" she said "potato salad" and then I came up with this. 
I can see a cool girl going to a rock concert in this. Edgy with the black leggings and clutch, but girly with the tunic and shoes. Feminine meets edgy. This screams "cool girl chic" to me. 

Sultry Rocker Chic

£132 -

£151 -

$60 -

£20 -

$195 -

$70 -

Today Melissa and I moved all the stuff out of my room and into the living room, then we painted the first coat of paint in my room. I like it. Tomorrow my mom and I will be doing the second one, and painting the dressers black and white. 
I'll be sure to post pictures when the entire thing is done (aka bedding, desk, etc is in here). I still need to order my bedding and desk offline.

I really enjoy messing around on Polyvore, so addictive! 
Let me know if you want me to continue posting looks I've made. I hope you do, because I love it!

I'll take swatch pictures of my recent makeup purchases and post them sometime over the weekend!

Lots of love!




  1. I love polyvore! The first two outfits are my favorite :)

  2. Such pretty sets!
    I love that first outfit, perfect for summer

  3. I love the first two outfits. Very Chic

  4. Love the outfits!

  5. OMG I love that skirt in the 2nd outfit! Super cute! Digging the shoes in the 3rd outfit too! Kiah

  6. the two first outfits are fabulous!


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