Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello dolls,

Today I want to talk a little about confidence


I think confidence is the perfect accessory to any outfit. 
Every girl should carry herself with it. No matter where they're, what they're wearing, or what they're doing. Too often we let the negative things people say get to us.
 In the words of Selena Gomez, "who says, who says you're not perfect, who says you're not worth it?"

We all have things we dislike about ourselves. I don't love my legs or my arms, but we need to be happy with who we are. We tend to take the things we dislike about ourselves and worry about them so much that we make ourselves unhappy. Seriously, who cares if you snort when you laugh or that you aren't a size zero! We need to stop comparing ourselves to celebrities, friends, strangers. We are not them. And you know what, we should be happy to be who we are.
We shouldn't let the insecurities we have define who we are. We need to love ourselves for who we are

I think we need to stand up for ourselves, acknowledge the fact that we are amazing in our own way.
 When you walk into a room you should walk in with your shoulders back, your head held up high, and a dazzling smile on your face. You might not always feel super confident, but you fake it until you make it (or in this case believe it). If you act confident people will start to notice you, and see how fabulous you are. Confidence will take you far in life, if you want people to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. 

Be strong, be self assured, and remember to charm the pants off of everyone! 




  1. Beautiful post! I definitely agree that confidence is the best accessory!

  2. BEAUTIFUL message Savannah!!You my dear are amazing!

  3. I agree! And being a size zero is not all it is made to be. Most stores only get one size zero. So when it's gone it, it's gone! Be happy with your size and shape, no one else has it.

  4. This can never be said too much- great post! You said it perfectly. :)

  5. so true - what an inspirational post - this is definitely something that no one should forget xx

  6. Loved your post.. Couldn't agree more! I wish i had more hehe :)

  7. great advice from an awesome girl! i couldn't agree more [=


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