Monday, July 25, 2011

Haul Time!

Hey fashionistas!
I've gone shopping the past couple of days and I've picked up a few new things.

This is from Kohls.

 This is also from Kohls. It doesn't look super cute in this picture, but on it looked really cute! The bow also doesn't look like a bow when it is on.

I bought this blazer from Target, but I couldn't get a good picture of it. So if you want one, click here to buy it online. On the website it's $30, I bought mine in store for $15, so you might want to check your local Target.

This is just a nightgown from Forever 21. I would have take a picture of it, but I've worn it and it is in the wash right now. You can find it online here.

Both are from Forever 21.
 This is from Forever 21 as well. I thought this would be super cute to pull my bangs back.

I thought you guys would want to see the headband on, the picture of just the headband doesn't do it justice!
This is Ethan's dog Nelly, isn't she adorable?  I wish Colby was small enough to be picked up!

I also bought some VS pink undies, but I honestly didn't feel that you guys needed to see them! Oh, and I bought a Coconut Mango lotion and a small Salted Caramel candle from Bath and Body Works.

Have you guys been shopping lately? I'm not doing anymore shopping until back to school shopping.

Speaking of school, school starts back up on August 22nd. I am not looking forward to that! I still need to read the book that we were assigned. One Writers Beginning  which is by Eudora Welty. It looks very dry, but I have to read it, so I'll probably start/finish it this week.

I'm going to do a new room post later this week, so be on the look out for that! I can't wait to show you guys.

Lots of love!




  1. My sister bought the coconut mango body lotion this weekend too - it smells so good!

    And I love that top dress - I love watercolor looking florals; I might just have to make a trip to Kohl's!

  2. That last picture is adorable :) The leopard headband and that dog are so cute!

  3. first of all, O-M-G to your cute dog <33 secondly, i love all of those accessories especially the headband! I have to hot Kohls A.S.A.P, cute dresses :)

    p.s. you look so pretty savannah


  4. Love that 1st dress and how cute is that gown from F21! Are those little Eiffel Towers??!! Love the animal print headband! Your puppy is super cute! My daughter starts back on the 22nd too! Thank GOD!! lol Kiah

  5. That first dress is absolutely gorgeous!


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