Friday, July 8, 2011

Travel Smart By Packing Smart

Hello fashionistas!
I have a quick post before I head off to bed (well some ice cream first)...
Packing is something that is a big old pain in the booty for me.
I mean seriously, how the heck am I supposed to know what I'll be in the mood to wear in a week?! 
I'm notorious for overpacking. Oh well! Better to have more than not enough.

 ^Travel fabulous!

Here are some simple tips to help you pack more efficiently.

♥ Come up with outfits to wear. If you have a set plan for each day this will be much easier (I did not have a set plan, so the packing I did today was not quite as easy)

♥ Try on what you're going to pack before you pack it. This will let you know whether or not you'll be comfortable, and if not you can always tweak the outfit. 

♥ Bag your accessories for each outfit. This will make getting dressed in the morning super easy.

♥ If you tend to wear the same jewelry then just put it all in one bag or travel jewelry holder. 

♥ ROLL your clothing! This is the BIGGEST space saver. I learned this little tip from my Grammy. 

♥ Always bring basic things you can layer with. Bring a couple of solid tank tops, cardigans/jackets, jeans/shorts and you can build a myriad of outfits. Mix and match.

♥ Put your undergarments in Ziploc baggies because it helps keep it all in one place.

♥ Pack all your toiletries in plastic Ziploc baggies. If anything spills it won't end up on your clothing.

Do you guys have any packing tips? If you do, let me know in the comments below!

I'll try to post as much as possible next week. 

Lots of love!




  1. I love these tips! I do NOT know how to pack! Have TONS of fun on your trip!!!

  2. It's always been a problem for me too. I can never travel light! Geez, what if suddenly you need something to wear and cannot find it in your suitcases. It would be a disaster to feel ugly on holiday! These tips, thanks for them!


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