Thursday, July 7, 2011

Last Week in Pictures

Hello my beautiful fashionistas!
I thought I'd show you a glimpse into last week, it was a busy week!

1.) Me messing around on my webcam. I had MAC's melon pigment on my eyes in case anyone was wondering, I don't recall the other products! 
2.) My sleepy bebe! Mr. Java. just lazing around. He's so cute! 
3.) David Cook's new CD titled This Loud Morning. I'm so in love with this CD! I saw him in concert back in 8th grade, he's so good. 
4.) I'm a huge fan of Lousie Bagshawe, her books are scandalous and filled with plot twists! The Go-To Girl was no different, you should definitely check her books out. I finished this book and two others that I would have pictured had I not lent them to Mel. 
5.) I spent a good 2 days painting last week. This is your little preview into what my room looks like...!
6.) Mel and I being funny and posing with our rollers! Aren't we cute? 

This was last week, I'll do another post next week about this week. Does that make any sense at all? 
I hope it does!

Today I did some stuff around the house, nothing special. 
Tomorrow I'm packing for vacation. I am the worst at packing, I always overpack. Seriously... I can never decided just how MANY pairs of shoes to bring. 




  1. Savannah you should seriously look into teen are so so pretty! I tell you that every time I leave you a comment! You look stunning in that 1st picture! Awe how cute are you guys painting your room. I love that color by the way. I haven't heard David Cook's CD but I love what his name from Idol...Daughtry!! Kiah

  2. Im with Rez! You need to model ASAP! you are just so damn gorgeous! Have you ever looked into it? And where are you going? Shoes? Too many? NEVER!

  3. I agree with them! Modeling could totally be your thing! And your cat is too cute :)

  4. Totally agree about the modeling too, you are gorgeous ^_^

    Love Christine ♥

  5. Just read your comment on my blog and you need to "STOP THE MADNESS" and look into it or I will come and whip you with a wet noodle!! lol Hey I added you to my fave blog friends list on my sidebar! Love ya girl! Kiah

  6. awwww painting parties are so much fun, I love the color you chose <3 hope you have a fantastic vacay!

    p.s. thanks for that sweet comment :P



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