Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hopes, Expectations, and the Reality 2011-2012

Hey fashionistas!

Starting my sophomore year in high school is making me realize that change is on the horizon! Here are my hopes, expectations, and the reality.

This is so true! ^


- I hope to get all As and Bs this year. Hopefully only Bs in chemistry (ahhh scary) and algebra 2. And if I get a B in my college english class I won't be that upset.

-  I hope to meet some new people this year that I click with.

- I hope to join a bunch of clubs at school this year.

- I hope to be able to keep up the blog, schoolwork, and my friendships. Balancing everything can get tricky.

- I hope to run for some kind of school officer (for junior year, but you run during sophomore year).

- I hope to become president of ceramics/pottery club.


- I expect for this year to be tough, more work, harder classes, but I'm ready for it.

- I expect trials and tribulations along the way, after all it is high school!


- I know there are days where I won't want to try to be cool.

- There will be days when I'm going to come to school in a sweatshirt and jeans (full hair and makeup of course)!

- When everyone irritates me and I want to scream "WHY ARE YOU ALL SO STUPID?"

- When I cry over dumb things or nice things.

- When I'm going to freak out because I'll think I forgot something (or I'll have actually forgotten it).

- When I stress over having multiple tests/quizzes/projects due all on the same day (or even the same week).

- Where I want to give up, but I just keep on going.

- When I'm counting down the days until Friday... When it's only Sunday night.

-  There will be times when my weekend plans consist of me staying home, laying in sweatpants and watching movies.

- When I feel like a loser because I don't know exactly what the latest gossip is.

- When I get the answer wrong and never want to open my mouth again in class.

- When my friends invite me to go places and I say I have 'plans', but in reality I just don't feel like going anywhere and seeing people I know. Much less putting any effort into getting ready!

There are so many more things, I could go on forever! 

Do you guys have any hopes, expectations, or things you just KNOW will happen this year?
Let me know!

Lots of love!



  1. Awe...the woes of high school!! Everything will be ok and believe me when I tell you will NEVER see most of them again so don't fret yourself too much over fitting in. Just remember to "MAKE SMART CHOICES" and you will be fine! You could wear a paper bag to school and still be prettier than most with your gorgeous self! wink wink Kiah p.s. I know its hard to accept this comes before blogging!! lol

  2. H.S...In sophmore year I met a boy who forever changed my life. I fell madly in love. First kiss. (I didnt get in real trouble until Jr year, but that I will save for another story) and 11 years later, turns out the love of my life is someone I cannot be with. Hes a meth addict and I simply had to leave him after I was beaten in Jan. If I had known Sophomore year he would hurt me yet make me stronger, I dunno if I would have went out with him. -Reminiscences- I was also bullied sophomore year :( They called me fat.

  3. Awwww Highschool is so much fun! I'm so glad you are focused and so goal oriented so early it will really pay off in the long run girl :P

    I want to get a 4.0 this semester and join at least one more club. I want to put my all into LSAT Prep training.

    The reality is I might have trouble balancing a healthy lifestyle in my dorm like apartment, keeping up with my relationship, most definitely stress out over crazy term papers, lose focus with law school preparations, and possibility have multiple nervous break downs...

    but I am ready to get organized and prepared in advance to prevent all of these terrible things from happening!



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