Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back To School Shopping

Hey fashionistas!

I have a little back to school haul for you all. Melissa and I went on another one of our infamous Forever 21 trips, we had loads of fun (as usual)!  I didn't buy that much seen as I have done a good bit of shopping over the summer. 

Love me some stud earrings!

This headband is just like the cheetah headband I bought on the last Forever 21 trip. I love these headbands.

 I bought some heels the other day (which you'll be seeing in a separate shoe haul) and I thought these would be a good buy. 

I bought these 2 tank tops because it's never a bad idea to have extra basic layering tanks. They're perfect to go under blazers, sheer tops, or just to keep the neckline school appropriate! My school is a stickler on dress code. 

Another basic item, simple to layer with. Or for those lazy days when I just throw on jeans, flats, t-shirt, and a cardigan. 

For some reason this is showing up more blue, but the stripes are definitely green and grey! I tried this on just to see how it would look, then I really liked it. I plan to wear it with a long silver necklace. 

I'm in love with this tank top! It's super soft, it's floral, and it has a cool crochet pattern on the top! 

This top might just be my first day back top! I really love it.

This shirt looks horrible in this picture! It's all wrinkled here, but it's not supposed to be. It's a hot pink/magenta-y color. I like it a lot, plus it was on sale for $9.

Here are some links to my other recent purchases. Here, here, and  here
I'll definitely be wearing these purchases to school too. 
I've been back to school shopping since school ended, always on the look out for something cute!

If you guys want to know how much anything was, just ask me below! 

I'm going to post a shoe haul later this week. And FINALLY post my room makeover! 

Lots of love!




  1. wow I love all the tops very cute and girly!

  2. Um, matching hair bows? Heck yeah. We just need to get Kali some and the French Clique will be so chic. :D

  3. Such cute stuff! I love reading your haul posts, haha. Makes me feel like I went shopping myself;). xox

  4. So many cute things, I love F21 :)

    Love Christine ♥

  5. wow lovely tops of ur jewelry collection and 2nd dress is so cute i love theses things...
    i ma following ur blog ....

  6. great buys girl! Can't wait to see them on you belle :P


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