Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion and Makeup - 9/21/11

Hello fashionistas!

Here's what I wore for school yesterday, probably my favorite outfit of the year (thus far)!
My hair actually held ALL DAY! I used my Sebastian Shaper Plus hairspray. I love that stuff.
It's a must have for anyone who lives in humidity.

The heels were surprisingly comfortable, I actually really love these shoes! I took them off once I got to pottery, thank goodness for a 6/7 class!

Top & Earrings: Forever 21 Jeans: GV Tanktop: Aeropostale Shoes: Target Bracelet: local store

Here's some close ups of my makeup.

These were taken after a full day of school, just the eye pictures, not the other ones.

The products I used to create this look were:

-Urban Decay's Buck all over the lid
-Urban Decay's Naked in the crease to soften Buck
-Urban Decay's Smog on my upper lashline, then Urban Decay's Darkhorse over Smog
-Urban Decay's 24/7 Whiskey liner on bottom lashline, with Darkhorse over it
-Covergirl's waterproof Lashblast mascara on upper and lower lashes
-Urban Decay's Naked to fill in my eyebrows

I thought the browns on bottom really emphasized my blue eyes. 
Do you guys have any color tricks you use when doing your makeup? 

Another busy school day! I'm super tired and I have a good bit of homework to get done. 
I'm now president of the Cameramics (ceramics and photography) club! Pretty darn excited. 
I also got a 88% on my history test, so I'm pretty happy about that. 

This week has seemed SO long, I'm really ready for it to be over. 

Happy almost Friday! 

Lots of love!




  1. Wow, way to be an ass "anonymous"
    Get a life.
    You obviously know nothing about fashion or beauty, so go play your internet games in your room. Alone.

  2. You look so BEAUTIFUL Savannah!! This is not only your favorite outfit but now it is also mine! That blouse is gorgeous! I love the back detail and the tie front! Your hair and makeup = AMAZING! "ANONYMOUS" is obviously "NOBODY" so please delete that a.)FALSE b.)RUDE and c.)IMMATURE comment!! Love you girl! Kiah

  3. So gorgeous!! Your hair is very cute :D

  4. Ahh girl, you are stunning. I love your eye makeup so much- you're right, the brown really does make your blue eyes pop!

  5. you are such a gorgeous beauty! I love the blush blouse you got from your haul! great blog! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll follow me back!

    p.s. don't miss my giveaway starting this weekend!

  6. She should dress her own age,lose weight,and get fashion tips from someone cause the clothes she's wearing doesn't fit her at all and makes her look ugly and fat.

  7. Savannah your such a beauty! I love this outfit :D and those curls are so pretty you look amazing in those jeans



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