Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Small Haul!

Hello fashionistas!

I went shopping with my cousin and sister on Sunday, I picked up a few things from Forever 21.
I love F21, I can ALWAYS find stuff to buy from there! I had such a blast with the cousin (hi Meg!) and the sister. 

On my to buy list was a pussybow blouse and some new sunglasses, seen as I lost mine at the beach a couple of weeks ago. 

I love the lace detail on the back, it's so cute! I plan on rocking this with jeans, a pencil skirt, possibly blazers (if I want to cover the chic lace). I can't wait to wear this. 

My new sunnies! These were a good fit on my face, they went up like a slight cat eye. If you guys want to see them on me, let me know. 

Just a fun pair of dangly earrings.

Today was an extremely horrible day. My best friend, Lily, got her entire schedule changed, so now we don't have math together. Which is horrible because I have NO friends in there, and when Lily was in there I never had to attempt to make new friends. Not only is Lily gone from math, but we also don't have lunch together. There is nobody in my lunch that I'm friends with other than a few guys, so now my game plan is to eat most days in the pottery room, because my teacher is extremely nice. I have a few 'bro' friends to hang with, but hanging with the guys isn't always a blast..

I hope tomorrow is better, and I hope you're all having a better day than I had!




  1. That blouse is adorable!! I absolutely love the color and the lace detailing! Also, schedule drama is no fun. That happened to me in high school all the time. It's good you have a backup plan, but I would try to meet friends in your class and maybe have lunch with them! :)

    All the best luck <3

    xo, gina


  2. ohhhhhh Savannah I love those earrings, their so unique!

    Forever21 has the best treasures




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