Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Fabulous Gift!

Hello fashionistas!
I thought I'd share with you all the present my Nana brought me this week. She also brought me two shirts, which I didn't picture because I wanted this little gem to be the focus.

Nana said that when she saw this that she just thought it would be perfect for me. She was so right! 
I love this dress so much. I can't wear it now, but I will definitely be wearing it as soon as possible, I'm thinking Easter. 

I love the hot pink color of it, it's just quite a statement. This dress hits me just below the knee. I feel like some silver, peep toe heels would be perfect for this dress. Or possibly silver slingbacks.

There's a subtle texture on the polka dots, just thought I'd focus in on it for you all.

Thank you so much Nana!

Now for a little personal update.
This weekend has been quite busy and it's only Saturday night! Yesterday I went home with my best friend, Lily, we went out to dinner. After dinner we met up with some of our friends and walked around downtown and got a cup of coffee and pastries.
 Today I went and got my haircut, pictures to come soon! After that I went and hung out with the other best friend, Melissa, and we walked around downtown again. We got a late lunch (tacos, which were delicious). After getting a little dessert (Melissa got a fancy popsicle and I got gelato) we stumbled upon a wedding! Mel and I are both wedding saps, so we stopped and watched them exchange vows. It was really great! It was the first wedding we had ever both "been" to. Our best friend teacher is getting married in a few months and their initials happen to be C and D; the two people who were getting married also had the same initials. 
Congrats to C&D, the unknown wedded couple, may you have a fabulous marriage!

Tomorrow I'm going homecoming dress shopping with Lily. I have mine all squared away, on the other hand, she doesn't. Wish us luck!

Have a fabulous weekend! I have no school on Monday, so my weekend will be extra long and great!




  1. Adorable dress. I love it, so bright!!!

  2. Super cute dress! I love it! Nana sounds like a great woman. Can't wait to see you "rock" it! Kiah

  3. Nana sounds wonderful! And that dress is amazing!!

  4. Awww what a sweet Nana you have with great style! This dress is going to pop on you so nicely, its so beautiful :)

    enjoy your long weekend Savannah!



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