Monday, October 24, 2011

Ins and Outs #7

Hello fashionistas!
I figured I was due for another ins and outs post. I like doing these posts because I feel like you guys get to know me on a more personal level, not just my makeup and clothing!


1.) I'm so obsessed with the new show Revenge. 
The cast is great, the fashion is fabulous, and the plot is so full of twists! Melissa and I decided that it was kind of like Lost, only not science fiction-y. More like Lost with elite Hamptonites! You should definitely tune in, you'll be hooked. 

2.) So cliche, but I'm so happy about the crisp fall weather! Florida is always hot and humid, so the second the weather turns cool I spend as much time outside as possible. Today I took my dog on two, hour long walks. 

3.) I've been really into baking lately. I love making cookies for the clubs I'm in at school. Today I made double chocolate chunk cookies for my High Q club. We have a meet tomorrow, but I'm not going to be there because I'm driving down to pick up my mom from the airport. 

4.) Lipstick! I used to not be into lipstick, I felt that it was drying and just didn't flatter me. Now I can't stop wearing it. I'm venturing into different colors. I am no longer wearing just pinks, I'm testing the waters with reds and darker fall colors. 
On my to-buy list is Revlon's Violet Frenzy lipstick. It's so pretty! 

5.) I'm currently obsessed with 2 new songs. Criminal by Britney Spears and Wild Heart by Sabi. Check them out  here and here.

6.) With the cool fall weather comes drinking hot coffee!
 My best friend and I love "fall bevvies", translation fall beverages. It's just too hot to drink hot coffee, so I typically order my coffee iced. 
Little things like hot coffee and scarves scream autumn to me!


1.) I'm really over stressing about things that don't matter. Petty fights with friends are pointless, worrying about things that are out of my control is pointless. 
From now on, I'm going to not worry about the little things. I'm going to focus on the people I love and who are important to me. 

2.) I'm probably one of the few people out there that doesn't love Halloween, but I just am not a big fan. I'm ready for it to be done! 

That's about it for my ins and outs. I don't have very many outs this time, oh well!

Have a grand week, lots of love!




  1. Im not a big fan of haloween I just like candy! and I am more of a Dia De Los Muertos gal!

  2. I love Revenge. I am so glad that it is surviving. I was afraid that I would get all wrapped up in it and the network would ax it.

    Coffee is life. Hot. Cold. I love it hot, tho and drink it that way even in the middle of Summer. :)

  3. all of your ins were great, we must think alike. I LOOOOVE revenge! i hope it stays on and thrives

  4. OMG I am addicted to Revenge too--its really growing on me!

    yay, I love revlon lipstick so smooth and that color looks gorgeous

    Petty drama stresses me out often too but I cannot wait for Halloween to approach!!


  5. I started to watch revenge sends i red your article (in en outs ) I reallly like it :)


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