Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jaguar Colors

Hello fashionistas!

Sorry for not posting all weekend. My friends and family threw me a surprise birthday party on Saturday, will be posting pictures this week! It was the best thing ever. My mom was sneaking around and planning it all with my friends and family, I had no clue! 

Anyways, I thought I'd show you all what I wore to school on Thursday. 

Top and tanktop: Kohls Pants: Gloria Vanderbilt Cardigan: Target Shoes: Forever 21 Earrings: Mom's, sorry you can't see them! They were just dangly earrings.

I wanted to wear my blank pants because I hadn't worn them in a couple weeks, I thought the cream would contrast nicely with them. I threw the teal cardigan on for a pop of color! I needed smidgen of pattern, so hence the cheetah shoes. Very comfortable and cute outfit. 

My mom said that these colors reminded her of the Jaguar football team; that would be why I titled it "Jaguar Colors." 

I'm not looking forward to going to school tomorrow. I'm so exhausted! I had such a jam packed, extremely fun weekend. I wish it could just continue on! 

Have a great Monday!




  1. You look beautiful! Love the whole outfit!

  2. I love the rouching in your top its so pretty and romantic looking.

    GV makes kick ass pants, I'm never disappointed :)

    That teal like cardigan really compliments your eyes and the cheetah flats are def. a win!


  3. what a pretty girl. Love the shoes!!! MONDAYS... OY.


    and happy belated birthday!


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