Saturday, January 7, 2012

Comfort, Style, and Warmth

Hello fashionistas!

The past couple of days had been nice and warm.. Until this week when the weather went chilly! Well, chilly for Florida. I'm not complaining, I quite like the cold, brisk air. 
I opted for a warm ensemble.
A simple blue, long sleeve shirt, subtle, pinstriped blazer, and a new pair of jeans featured in my last haul. 
I wanted to keep warm so I tossed on my snood and added plaid socks to go with my flats for a pop of pattern. I was pretty warm! Comfort, style, and warmth. Those are three great things for a winter outfit, but if I can't fit comfort into the equation then that's always the first one to go! 

Top: Old Navy Blazer: New York and Company Jeans: Belk Shoes: Me Too is the brand, my dad bought them at Costco ages ago for Christmas so I doubt they're still there Snood: Mom made it Necklace: Tiffany & Co. Ring: Forever 21 Socks: Target 

My latest thing is twisting my bangs over. Makes it look like I put in more effort in than I did. Also, sorry for looking so tired. This was the first day back from winter break and I was exhausted! Sleep troubles and waking up early do not mix! 

Also, the lipstick I'm wearing is MAC "Speed Dial" with Covergirl's Wet Slicks "Red Riot" gloss over it. 

This weekend I'm going to be studying like a madwoman, midterms start on Tuesday. So stressed! Trying to not let it get to me. Wish me luck! To combat my stressed feeling I put an order in for January's My Glam bag! I'm so excited that I finally got through; they'd been out of stock every time I've checked. Can't wait to get it! It seems like a better version of Birchbox, I hope it was worth the $10 I spent. Based on last month's bag I think it will be. 

Loads of love and I hope you all have a more exciting weekend than I am. 
I'm going back to studying for my chemistry midterm. 




  1. I can't imagine somewhere like Florida being cold. Lovely outfit! I really like the twisted bangs too X

  2. Very cute outfit I love it! The lip color is beautiful too... looks a lot like my revlon lip butter in lollipop!

  3. Twisting your bangs looks so cool! I wish I had bangs to try that. And your outfit is awesome, too--blazers are amazing and look good anytime!

    Good luck studying, girl! I'm sure you will rock those midterms!

    xo, gina

  4. You look lovely :).

    Sdaie x

  5. Luv the hair..
    Your blogs awesome... new follower :)


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