Sunday, January 15, 2012

Small Haul- Sephora and Belk

Hello fashionistas!
Last weekend I made an order to Sephora and it came in the mail on Friday! 

I'd been wanting Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume for awhile now. I didn't want to buy the perfume because the 1.7oz was $64, but when I was perusing online I saw that they had just come out with a gift set of Light Blue! Which I thought was strange because normally gift sets come out at Christmas, but whatever, I was very excited! 

For the arrival of 2012 Sephora was letting you pick 2 deluxe samples and I picked the Fan De Fendi perfume and the BareMinerals mineral veil. I also got to pick 3 regular samples too. It was a very perfume-y order. 

Here's the cute little tote bag that it came in. 

For $68 I got a .25oz on the go spray bottle, 1.7oz lotion, and a 1.6oz bottle of the perfume.
I love the smell, so crisp and fresh. 

Yesterday my aunt, sister, and I went to the mall and we popped into Sephora. 
This Oscar Blandi Hair Lift serum thickens and volumizes your hair. I don't really need my hair to be any thicker, but I love volumizing products. I would not pay the original price of $19, but it was on sale for $6. 
You all should head down to Sephora because the Oscar Blandi stuff was on major sale. At least it was at mine. 

I think I'm going to review this later. 

We headed into Belk and I found this tank-top and fell in love. It's such a pretty color and it is so soft. It was originally $48 and I got it for $15. 

Detail shot.

Today I'm just having a chill day. Probably going to go paint my nails (they need to be done). 
I'm currently watching The Switch with my mom. 

Hope you all have a great day!




  1. That perfume looks amazing! And that dress is a beautiful color! I went into Belk for the first time a few weeks ago, because there is now one near me. I'm sure going to be shopping there more often!

    xo, gina

  2. woohoo for sephora hauls! i love that perfume


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