Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretty in Purple

Hello fashionistas!
I thought I'd share an outfit that I wore to school on Monday with you all. 
My parents had new carpet put in that day, hence why there wasn't any carpet in these photos! 

Top: Forever 21 Blazer: New York and Company Tanktop: Kohl's Jeans: Belk Shoes: Target Purse: Jessica Simpson Earrings: Old Navy Necklace: Tiffany & Co. 

I was in a mood that made me just want to dress up. I've been waiting to wear this shirt and that day just felt like a good day to wear it! Paired it with my white blazer to offset the purple. Dark jeans to balance out the brightness and my favorite heels to finish it off. 
Very simple makeup. All I used on my eyes was Urban Decay's "Whiskey" eyeliner on lower lashline and mascara on my upper lashes. I wasn't feeling like putting on a bunch of makeup. Sometimes I need simple and that was one of those days!
Notice the hair twist?.. It's becoming my favorite hair thing. 

Today I have no exams because my pottery is a 6/7 class. My mom and I are going out to lunch at my favorite restaurant in town, Harry's. Then I have an eye appointment to get my perscription checked and because I'm almost out of contacts. 
Five day weekend for me because of Martin Luther King Day on Monday and a teacher planning day on Tuesday. Woo! 

On a random note, got a 96% on my history exam. Very pleased! 

Have a great weekend!

Loads of love!




  1. This outfit is so flipping cute! That color brings out your eyes and the white blazer is perfect :)


  2. I love everything about this outfit! X

  3. I love how you put this together! The color combo is fabulous! Did you know this particular combo is so "in" for spring!!?? You are ahead of the game girl! Congrats on your exam and good job!! Kiah

  4. This is my favorite outfit! You don't normally wear a lot of bright colors/pastels and when you do it usually has a dark blazer, but this is so colorful and fun! You don't look like a business woman in this either, more youthful. Cute shoes too btw.

    ~Abigail (pffft, your biggest fan)


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