Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contrasting Color Pops

Hello fashionistas!
I wore this outfit to school on Friday. We had a lab in chemistry where we were using acid and we had to wear closed toed shoes, I thought this was the perfect excuse to whip out my new shoes!

I had really wanted these, but hadn't purchased them. I came home from school the other day and my mom had bought them for me! Totally made my day. 

 Blazer: New York and Company Top: Michael Kors (Marshalls) Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Rock & Republic for Kohl's Lipstick: MAC Speed Dial

I was in a "ready for spring" mood and decided to wear a blue shirt with a bright white. I wanted to contrast the color of my shirt with my shoes. A little glimmer in my necklace was all I needed. 
I love this necklace, I bought it at Forever 21 for a mere $6. It's really long, I doubled it up here. I realized that I can even triple it. Such a good buy! 

I am in complete love with these flats, they are super cute and bright. Perfect for spring. The R&R metal logo is really adorable. On the website they claim to be red, but in reality they're more of a pink-coral color. Above they appear really hot pink, but I think it was just the flash. They're definitely a good pop of color, but they also have them in black.
If you want to check them out, here's the link!

 My aunt is coming over today and we're all just hanging out. Currently watching NCIS, there's a marathon on USA. I love NCIS.  I'm so not looking forward to school tomorrow, especially if the weather is still dreary and rainy. 

Loads of love!




  1. Love the blazer, the colors, and the way you matched everything! Gorgeous as always doll!

  2. Super cute outfit! I RAN over to Kohl's website and picked up a pair of those flats.. I love them! They look so cute on you - I can't wait to get mine. I love R&R cosmetics so I'm really excited to have my first pair of R&R shoes ;)

  3. I freaking adore this.


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