Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette Review

Hello beauty-istas!
The other day I was on Apothica and suddenly had the urge to purchase something.
I blame Stephanie's blog post about the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette, as soon as I saw it I wanted it!
Apothica was having a President's Day 20% off sale, so I applied that to my purchase. It took this palette down  from $35 to $28, once you factor in shipping I still saved $2. Which in my makeup obsessed train of  thought seemed like an irreplaceable deal.. What can I say, I love me some makeup! 
I placed the order on Wednesday, received confirmation that it shipped on Friday, and I had it in my hands Monday afternoon! Apothica also included a few samples, which I thought was a nice touch. I love little extras. 

The shades in this palette are very versatile. Soft and delicate, to sultry stunners. Some matte, some shimmer. I feel that it has the perfect amount of different colors to do many, many looks. I liked this palette because of the neutrals and the purples. I was debating between buying the Natural Eye palette or this one, but my mom pointed out that I had Naked 1 and 2. So I decided to get something with more than just neutrals! 
Also, I adore the wedding theme of the names, too cute! 

Left to right:
 Soulmates, Kiss the Bride, Bouquet Toss, I do, Cut the Cake, Honeymoon, Unveil, First Dance, Ever After

These eyeshadows are soft and go on like a dream. I had no fallout problems when I used it this morning (not that I didn't totally swatch as soon as I got it in the mail). I can't wait to use all of the colors.
This morning I did a purple look. 

I can't get enough of this and will probably be using it non-stop for quite awhile!
Can't wait to try out all the shades and other Too Faced palettes... 
I have a makeup buying problem!

If you want to purchase this, click here. Apothica usually has some sort of 10% off deal running, just check their "Special Offers" section. 
I will definitely posting some different looks on here soon!

Have a great day!




  1. Wow this one is beautiful!!! I love Too faced palettes <3 Just reviewed one..do take a look :)

  2. those colours look absolutely stunning. Great pallet X

  3. I really want this palette. I love all of the names of the shadows, hehe. I have the Naked Eye kit by them and love it.

  4. so pretty I love there pallets they are perfect pigmented !!


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