Monday, April 30, 2012

Color-Blocked Candy

Hello fashionistas!
Here's another outfit of the day. I actually wore this to school today. 
I'm glad that I finally tried the color-blocking trend (okay, I've done it before on a small accessorizing scale)!
I have to say that I will definitely be doing it again. I think I'd like these pants with peach.. 

Top: JCP Tank-top: Aeropostale  Blazer and earrings: Kohl's Pants: Target Shoes: Belk Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

I've been dying to color block an outfit with these pants and I thought that this hot pink hue contrasted the pants very well. Hot pink and blue have always been one of those quirky color combinations that I love. 
I kept the rest of the outfit simple because I didn't want to have too many colors or patterns going on. I felt that the black blazer and black heels toned it all down. Paired with my trademark Tiffany's necklace and my favorite silver knot earrings. I have a necklace that matches the earrings, I need to get an outfit of the day with me wearing it on here! 

I used my new Too Faced Summer Eye palette today and I have to say that I quite like it! Can't wait to use it tomorrow. Sorry for the strange glow on my face- the sun was hitting the porch at a weird angle.

I had a pretty good day for it being a Monday. I woke up barely functioning and had to down two cups of coffee before I could face the day! I got the chemistry test that I took on Thursday back and I got a 100% on it. That made my day! Other than that nothing too exciting went on.

Have a fabulous week!



PS: On a random note, I'm totally loving this song/video. So touching!


  1. Very cute outfit, I like the pink and blue pants! I think a red shirt would look really cute too!

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! I love the song!!!

  3. the colour of the top is beautiful xx

  4. You are glowing Savannah! I love the mix of colors and those heels are crazy flattering!

  5. I think you should just take the blazer away! If you're going to colorblock, go all the way. :)


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