Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Summertime Shopping

Hello fashionistas!
I recently did a bit of shopping and wanted to share my finds with you all.
I went to JCP, Victoria Secret, and Forever 21. Plus I randomly bought a pair of pink pants while I was out shopping at Costco.

This is from JCP and I fell in love with it because it's so loose and sparkly. It looks perfect with a pair of shorts and gladiators. My summer look. 

Another JCP find. I had to buy this because a.) it was only $5 and b.) loose knits are perfect for where my family goes to during summer vacation. I adore the gold running through the blue. 

I bought this over-sized, knit sweater from Forever 21. I am in love with the cobalt blue (an on trend color for summer '12) and it brings out my eyes/deepens my tan. I actually wore this over to my boyfriends house last night and he was like "why are you wearing a sweater in summer?" I said "it's a loose knit and I paired it with shorts, totally summer appropriate!" 

Another cobalt blue find that is also from Forever 21. I love the beading and they are super comfortable. 

I had to have this bracelet as soon as I found it at Forever 21. I love statement bracelets and this was just right up my alley. 

More Forever 21 finds. A peachy coral necklace that reminded me of one I had pinned on Pinterest to DIY, but I fell in love and decided to just buy instead of DIY. These dangling earrings are also on trend with the summer color forecast, mint all the way! 

I obviously couldn't leave Forever 21 without picking up a few more cheap, skinny headbands. Plus I love the blue color. 

These were my random pink pants find at Costco. The brand is Gloria Vanderbilt, which I love. I think these will be really good for experimenting with color-blocking. For a more toned down look I definitely want to pair it with the first top from JCP and some black wedges.


The final purchase (which was actually purchased first) was from Victoria Secrets. I'm a PINK sweatpants addict, I live in them when I'm at home. I'm actually in them right now. PINK sweatpants love. 

I'm off to go hang with the boyfriend, have a fantastic day!
Loads of love!




  1. I love your pink pants. I wore mine today and can't wait to get outfit ideas from you!

  2. Love your picks! My boyfriend would say the same thing!!

  3. I want a victoria secret tracksuit so bad but theyre impossible to find in the uk :( cry cry cry - lucky girl xox


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