Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Haul! Forever 21, the Loft, New York and Company!

Hello fashionistas!

Due to the load of time I have spent at the gym I have dropped a size, so this weekend my mom and I did some shopping. I just wanted to get a few new things to hold me over while I continue to lose more weight (I'm hoping to drop down another 2-3 sizes). 
Anyways, I just wanted to share what I got with you all. I really have not gone clothing shopping in a few months (besides a shirt that I bought at the Loft). 

I wanted a new pair of silver hoops and F21 had a trio of earrings for a mere $2.80. The studs looked like a simple, but interesting pair of earrings, so I also got these. I really liked F21's bold, turquoise bangle for a statement bracelet. The last bracelet is a really cool magnetic bracelet that I found at Loft for a mere $7!

I actually just got a job hostessing at a local sushi restaurant, so I needed to pick up a few black shirts. I thought this shirt would be comfortable and work appropriate, but the gems on the side added a little pop of personality. This was from Forever 21.

This shirt was also a work purchase, I love the pleated detail on the front. This shirt is also from Forever 21.

I wanted to pick up another pair of yoga/workout pants and these pants from F21 were only $11.80. I wanted to pick up two cheap tank-tops while I was at F21.

This blouse is from the Loft. I love the flowy-ness of the shirt and the falling petals. Also the magenta color is so pretty! The Loft had a sale on the sale items making them an additional 50% off, aka a majorly good deal!

This was also from the Loft and also for my new job. The top has a tie on the front, but my picture doesn't really do it justice. 

I bought this top at the Loft because I love love love the bright coral color. The lace-like texture down the middle is so feminine!

This shirt was from the Loft and was incredibly soft. I love the neon pink mixed with the heather grey; I will definitely pair this with a statement necklace. 

New York and Company had sunglasses on sale for a mere $5, so I could not resist the good deal.
Who doesn't love cheap sunnies? I justify this purchase because normally one pair would be like $20.. 
Don't judge me ( ;

Have you guys bought anything new lately? 
Hope you're all have a wonderful week! I'm off to go dance the night away in Zumba.



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  1. Congrats on hostessing! Lovely buys, looking forward to seeing how you style it all.


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