Thursday, June 27, 2013

Food, Friends, Fun.

Hello fashionistas!
I have a somewhat random all over the place post tonight. 

With my my mom being gone I have taken over role of chef (and the one who cleans). I whipped up some veggie quiches the other night and some taaaaasty muffins that I found via Pinterest. They were the most delectable muffins I have had in a long long long time. Janie from Janies' Kitchen originally used a doughnut pan for hers, but I didn't have that, hence the muffins. Click here to be taken to the recipe. 

Down by the bay. Sorry the photo quality is kinda meh. 

My best friend, Lily, officially moved back to Florida yesterday!!! Excitement levels are through the roof. We went out to dinner and walked around downtown. We also bought overpriced popsicles. Obviously a must- my flavor was Pistachio Coconut and it was SO GOOD. Lily got some kind of papaya mango popsicle (I thought mine was better.. Just sayin'). 

My hair was so much more voluminous before we walked around in the haaawtttt Florida humidity. 

Before I left to pick her up for dinner I obviously had to snap a selfie. Duh, what else? 
I swear I really do not take that many selfies.. Most of them are dumb faces being sent in response to texts.. #Ipromise

I have been volunteering all week at a kids' art camp and afterwards I have been hitting the gym. Then I went and picked up Lily to run errands. We went to Bath and Body Works where I practiced extreme self control and only bought one lotion. We then went to Target and got POURED ON. While I was driving a mini hurricane brewed and sprayed us with rain. I kid not when I say my jeans and top were completely soaked. I looked like a soggy cat. And this was with an umbrella. Lily tried on these pants that were multicolored and huuuuge on her. The pants reminded me of MC Hammer pants and gave me quite a laugh!

Merona® Women's Eyelet Short (5") - Red Rave
I ended buying these shorts even though I hate showing off my thighs. Probably will wear them to a friends' 4th of July partaaay. 
That is all. 

Anyways, I'm glad my second family is back! I have to get to bed soon because I have to be up at 7 to get ready to volunteer. Hope you guys are doing well! Happy almost weekend!




  1. Those shorts are ADORABLE! I'm stopping by Target tomorrow to pick some up. :) Yay for friends moving back!


  2. Oh my goodness that first photo made me hungry! And I just ate! :( damnit...

    Gorgeous clothes - you're a stunner!!! xxx

  3. Such nice photos! HAHA the same thing happened to me with my hair in Florida! Have a great weekend girl!

  4. Yay for friends moving back. :) And you look gorgeous, as always!


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