Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Men Love White Tee Shirts and Jeans, Saaay What?

Hello fashionistas!
Many posts ago I had done a post about men loving white tee shirts and jeans on girls. This post (ugh I hate how I look in this) is something that always shows up in my links that attracted readers to my blog through searches. 
I decided that I would recreate this ensemble! 

Tee shirt: JCP Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Wedges: Payless Bracelets: Lia Sophia and Claire's 

I kept the outfit extremely simple and laid back. I made the pop of the outfit be the pattern in the shoes. It is slightly tribal and perfect for summer. I picked these up a few weeks ago at Payless when they were having a BOGO sale. These were originally only $12 and from the Christian Siriano line, but I got them for only $6! 

Here's an upclose shot of the shoes.
WomensChristian Siriano for PaylessWomen's Rachel High Wedge Sling

You can get them here (click the linkity link) for $12. They also have them in a few other colors. 

My makeup was light and inspired by the HEAT.. This actually means that it was just too hot to wear anything more. Powder, bronzer, blush, lipstick, and mascara are my secret summer beauty weapons. I mixed Revlon Coral lipstick with a random pink I had in my drawer. 

The funny thing about this outfit was the next day I popped over to my friends house and she told me a story about a bad date she went on. I naturally asked what she wore and she says "well I was trying to look like I wasn't trying so I just wore jeans and a white tee shirt." I busted out laughing and then told her about the Glamour article I had read a few years ago. 

Next time you feel like being impressive and not really trying then you should throw on your favorite jeans and a white tee! 

Tomorrow I leave for a week long vacation in the beautiful island of St. John. I cannot wait! I have to do all my packing today.. I love packing. Not. Have no fear, I have scheduled a few posts to go up! I will probably be tweeting vacation pictures while I am there, so feel free to follow me on twitter by clicking here!
Hope you all are fab! 



PS: You may have noticed a few changes around the ole bliggity blog, but when I return from vacation be on the lookout for more!


  1. I don't even think I own a plain white tshirt, LOL. Yours looks so awesome against your tan, though! I probably need to invest in one soon.

    1. Thanks! You should buy one, they are goo to layer with, or on their own with a statement necklace!

  2. you look beautiful!! Love those shoes!

  3. such a lovely look!! i like that you paired a casual tee with fabulous wedges!! those wedges are so cute :D


    1. Thanks! I thought the wedges added a nice summery touch.

  4. You look SO lovely, that tee look so great on you.



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