Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hello fashionistas!
This was a very busy weekend and I snapped some pictures to share with you all. 

My mom and dad went to IKEA this weekend and my momma is so sweet and picked me up a few new fancy pillows. I am obsessed with fancy pillows and my mom picked out the best ones to go with my room!
Yes, I did hashtag that... 

This was Lily and I before the art camp gallery show started. We helped set up the whole show which consisted of different pieces from 5 different art camps. It was crazy, but really fun to set up. I can really envision myself putting together store fronts and displays, and or styling because obviously that would be my dream job. 

These are some of the flowers from the Flower Power art camp. I helped install and place them on the wall. They were paper maiche, wire, and netting. Lily looked really cute in distressed jeans and my black top and bright emerald green cardigan. 

I walked in our office on Sunday morning to find my sister asleep on the futon with our dog snuggled up on her back. It was too precious to not take a picture of it!

I have to confess... I actually painted my nails this morning, but I thought I would still put it up with the weekend post! I used Essie "Mod Square" for a pretty summery pink. Also hollaaaaa at my new pillow swag..

Going to go finish watching the Bachelorette! Hope you guys had a fab weekend full of shenanigans! 




  1. Pretty nails! Looks like you had a good weekend.


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