Saturday, October 12, 2013

50 Shades of Blue

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back with an outfit of the day for you all. I wish I had time in the mornings to take my pictures at more interesting locations than my front porch, but I simply do not have the time. 

Denim button up: New York and Company Tank-top: Old Navy Jeans: Old Navy Shoes: Kohls Earrings: Forever 21 Scarf: boutique in Michigan 

I used to be so so so anti-denim on denim, but lately I am loving it if it is done right.
The denims/chambray must be completely different tones for me to like the look. I didn't want the outfit to be an overwhelming amount of denim, so I added a soft texture to my outfit with this scarf. If you have been a reader of my site for a long time then you will know that I'm all about pops of color, but I decided to keep my look very monochromatic with just blue. 

The look I was going with for my hair was called quick and easy! I did a super mini braid with my bangs and pulled the whole thing back into a messy ponytail. I wish I was lying when I said I wear my hair in a ponytail a lot.. It's so easy and requires no effort. My lipstick is Revlon Pink Velvet with a clear gloss on top of it. 

I have a good bit of schoolwork to knock out today; I have to write a proposal for my environmental management class and do a lot of SAT prep. I'm planning to go for a run downtown, come home, shower, grab my stuff and sit in Starbucks and complete all the school stuff I have to do today. Tomorrow should be really fun because my friends and I are planning on going to the Greek festival that is going on downtown this weekend. 

Hope you all are doing well!

Loads of love!




  1. I agree - Denim on denim can look bad if done incorrectly. You tottally got it right! I like all the different shades and fabrics in your outfit. and those shoes looks so fabulous! :)

  2. Can I just say that I think you are looking more beautiful than ever??? And also, blue is definitely your color! I wouldn't think many people can pull off an entire outfit solely blue.. but you make it look so effortless and great!

    PS i love your braid :)

  3. such a lovely look! your scarf is so beautiful :)

  4. I love how you mixed the types of denims here- I don't have any denim/chambray shirts, but if I did, I'd wear them similarly. :) This hairstyle is like my go-to for "second day hair," too. So easy!


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