Saturday, December 21, 2013

Current Workout Jams

Hello fashionistas!
The past couple of weeks have been busy, but I've been trying to make it to the gym at least four times a week. That's a big cut back from my 6-7 times a week.. I had been going so hard and pushing myself nonstop, but I think I need to take a step back and enjoy everything that is going on in my life and not fret about missing a workout here and there. 
I wanted to share what songs I'm currently loving to workout with.

1.) Hey Mama by the Black Eyed Peas is fast and catchy! 

2.) Little Black Dress by One Direction is not only a good workout jam, but also the song my sister and I have been playing nonstop when we run errands or drive to school! Don't judge this love, we can't help which boy bands we take a liking to.

3.) Gas Pedal by Sage the Gemini ft Iamsu. This is good for long hauls on the elliptical.

4.) Punching In a Dream by The Naked and Famous is a good song for running.

5.) Let Her Go by Passenger. This is not a workout song, but a cool down song! I enjoy listening to this song when I've reached the end of a strenuous workout or when I'm doing ab work. This song is beautiful and the first time I heard it had me playing it on repeat for 30 minutes.

I'm actually off to go get ready for the gym. I skipped Thursday and Friday for working out and I'm dying to get back to the grind! Tonight I'm going to a basketball game with my boyfriend and his family. Not sure what else this day holds. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get any last minute Christmas shopping done! I'm finally finished with my Christmas shopping, now I just have to wrap it all.. Ugh, I suck at wrapping!

Loads of love!



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