Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Racing in Neutral

Hello fashionistas!
Last Friday I went down to Daytona for one of races held before the Daytona 24 Hours with my dad. I managed to finagle him to snap an outfit picture for me. Do you like the pun of race cars driving in neutral and my outfit being neutral colors? #Badpun 

Sweater: JCP Jacket: Forever 21 Scarf: Cotton On Boots: DSW Earrings: Target Aviators: Marshalls

The weather was chilly and windy down in Daytona, so I piled on as many layers as I could. I kept in the neutral theme with my grey sweater, tan bomber jacket, black boots, and earthy green scarf. I used to be such a fan of silver jewelry, but I'm slowly becoming a gold fan. 

Also, please note the man casually judging my outfit picture taking. Sir, swerve. 

A ponytail was the practical way to go with the extreme wind. Very simple! 

This was the only picture I snapped from the event. We all know that races aren't really my scene! ( ;

Hope all is well! I'm feeling under the weather. Fingers crossed that it leaves soon. 

Loads of love!




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  1. You look so cute! Love the pic with the boyfriend especially. :) Hope you feel better- the past few months I've gotten these random, really short colds that last only a few days but are the worst. So weird.


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