Thursday, June 5, 2014

Michael Kors Watch Decision-- Help!

Hello fashionistas!
I've been wanting a Michael Kors watch for over a year now and I'm finally going to bite the bullet and by myself one as a little congrats to myself for graduating. The fact that Nordstrom has them on sale from now until June 10th really solidified the purchase for me. The only problem is that I'm not sure which watch to buy! Can you guys help me decide? 

This is the Large Layton Chronograph watch. I love the gold, roman numerals, and the hefty size of the watch.

Michael Kors 'Blair' Chronograph Watch, 39mm

This is the Blair Chronograph watch. I like the shape of this watch, but I' unsure if I would love the bling on a day to day basis. 

Michael Kors 'Runway' Iridescent Crystal Chronograph Watch, 39mm

Okay, I adore this Runway Iridescent Crystal Chronograph watch. The color is so fun and inviting. The pinks and purples really pop against the gold. I know this would be a really fun watch to buy, but I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to wear it day to day and I don't want to drop a lot of money on something that I will not regularly wear. 

The Mini Camille bracelet watch is adorable. I think that the crystals are very elegantly placed in the watch. I also really like the roman numerals. I'm not sure if it is big enough to make a statement.

Alright, those are my thoughts! Please let me know which you like the best. 

Thank you so much!




  1. One and two are very nice!! Three is fun, but definitely not something that you would wear daily. All are lovely!

  2. Thanks! I made my decision, I'll post it soon! (:


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