Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Day

Colby and I say hello!
I just thought I would do a quick update, here it goes. First of all I have decided (because my mom suggested doing this) that I will change the picture at the front of my blog daily to a different haute couture picture, so if you guys see one that is nice, send me a link(: Also I wanted to thank all of you for following me! So what I did today was go out for lunch with my mommy downtown at a delicious cafe, then we went to a couple of vintage stores (but we didn't buy anything). After that we came back home and took showers because we sweated like mad downtown, it was so HOT! So after getting showers we headed back out and we went to Ross. I picked up a couple of adorable dresses (I'm on this new dress kick) so I will do a post later. We also went to another store (I'm not going to tell you because it is only in our area) where I picked up a pair of bermudas and a t-shirt. Hope you guys had a lovely day!




  1. Sounds like a pretty exciting day! Colby is such a cute dog :)

    xo, gina

  2. I like the picture-change idea :) and your dog is so cute! x


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