Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outfit of the Day #3

Hellooooo! Like my braids? I do!

My face looks weird! This is my makeup super simple. So simple that I'm not even going to like post all my products. I just used two couple of light colors on my lids (one shimmer and one matte), a dark brown in my crease, brown milani eyeliner and one of the colors I used on my lids (I think the shimmery one) and CG lashblast mascara. My face, well it wasn't complicated and I'm not explaining it(: Hehe, just kidding. Concealer, powder, and my Hard Candy blush in 'Living Doll'. For my brows a brown shadow.

This is what I wore today, just ran a couple of errands and picked up my sister with my mom today(:
Note that I am barefoot, I hadn't put on shoes. I ended up wearing my silver gladiators.
Jeans- Kohls (Croft and Barrow)
Shirt- Jcpenny (ANA, A New Approach)
Earrings- Forever21
Shoes- local store
I think you can see my purse in the bin in front of my mirror, it is from Nine West

Hahaha, I thought you guys would like this! My sister put my cat Java in a Build-A-Bear-Workshop shirt! What is up with the face she is making here?

Have a great day! And thanks for following and commenting! Leave me the links to your blogs!




  1. thank you Savannah, your blog is interesting


  2. I love your hair! I wish I had the time and energy to braid mine! :)

    And cute outfit too <3

    xo, gina


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