Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outfit of the Evening (Day) #2 and Face of the Day

Uhhh sorry the picture isn't all that great, I didn't feel like going to the car to get the good camera!

Tank- Marshalls but it is from American Eagle (or so the tag says)
Shorts- Costco (I saw them and I was like 'those would be cute for summer!')
Shoes- Aerosoles bought them at Ross
Bangles- Forever21
Earrings- Forever21 (but I don't think you can even see them)
Ring- The Body Shop

Face- CG concealer, Physicians Formula powder, Hard Candy blush in 'Living Doll', Hard Candy blush (but used for me as a bronzer) in 'Bombshell' and Physicians Formula finishing veil.

Eyes- FLIRT! (from Kohls) palette all except the FLIRT! single shadow in 'Gypsy Nights', primer a cream shadow from Victoria Secrets which is now discontinued... ): Full and Soft mascara and Lashblast Covergirl, Milani true black eyeliner.

Brows- A brown (which always looks strange in my up close pictures of my face for these but, it looks different in real life) is from my FLIRT! palette.

We went out to dinner with my mom, dad, sister, nana, and papa to my favorite japanese steakhouse grille. Love that place mmmm! My grandparents are spending the night tonight. Happy Fathers Day!




  1. Hi Savannah! Thanks for subscribing, I'm following your blog too now :)

    And your eye makeup looks really cute!


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