Monday, July 26, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey lovelies! First of all I would like to thank the lovely Gina from and second of all I would like to thank all of my followers(:

The Rules:

1. Share 7 things about yourself.
2. Pass the award onto a few bloggers who you have recently discovered.
3. Let these blogs know that you have awarded them the Versatile Blogging Award.
Seven things about myself, you say? I shall whip up a few fun facts. And let's spice them up with pictures, just for fun!

1.) I sleep with a fan on every night, even if I'm cold. And I sleep with a blanket whether I'm hot or cold!

2.) I read a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT! I love Jane Green, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, Sara Shepard, Sidney Sheldon and many, many more.
I am currently reading the two books above. The second book is for school, I have to do a timeline with 20 important events in Ender's life. Oh Ender.

3.) I am a talker more than I am a texter.
This is my cellphone.

4.) I am a natural blonde, no highlights/dyes nothing. All natural(: Many people ask me this. When we were vacationing in LA and we were on Rodeo Drive we passed a salon and this stylist kept looking at me when we walked by and my mom was like she is looking at you hair, and I thought that was super cool(: This picture was taken on Rodeo Drive.

5.) I am very studious. I always do my homework and I always study and my friends who aren't as studious as me always make fun of me! The worst grade on a report card I've ever gotten was the first 9 weeks of algebra I got a C (it was a high C).. I cried for 20 minutes. People laughed.

6.) I really don't like when people tap on things during tests. For example when we had our standardized testing this year the guy who was sitting behind me kept making noise with his knuckles and I turned around quite a couple of times to give him glares! He apologized(:

7.) If I could choose any store to live in it would be Sephora. Or Forever 21. Too bad my stupid mall doesn't have one, but they are building one! Double yeyyyy!

I actually went to this Sephora once in Las Vegas, I bought a makeup brush.

* All of the pictures (except the one of me) were taken from Google images.

And in case you were wondering why the pictures don't line up with the facts well I don't know why, they just wouldn't.

I know these random facts aren't like inspiring or anything but, maybe you guys wanted to know some of these I don't know.

Here are the people I tag for this award.

*elle hearts blogs

*Legally Blonde


That's all for now my lovelies!



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  1. Thanks a lot for passing this on to me!
    I love reading, Jodi Picoult and Sophie Kinsella are two of my favorites too, as well as Jennifer Weiner.
    I can't stand when people tap on things during tests, or when people have a runny nose and they are sniffling every two seconds.. hahaa.. oh and I need a fan or AC to fall asleep too.. I think I get too used to the sound of it and then when fall comes around I can't fall asleep without it and it's hard to get used to.


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