Monday, August 2, 2010

Outfit of the Day

Here is what I wore today, I went to my mom's doctor appointment, ULTA, Costco, and later the gym.

Crappy mirror picture.

Picture taken by my sister, I look bad in this!

Why does my the side of my face look so red you ask, well I have a bit of redness in my cheeks but it was covered so I blame the lighting!

Shirt- It was my Papa's, then my Nana took it, and then it was given to me because I told her I liked a lot!

Tank top- Kohls

Jeans- Kohls I think.

Shoes- Aerosoles but from Ross

Headband- Forever 21

Earrings- Forever 21

Sorry I didn't take a picture of my makeup it was basically the same thing I did in my last outfit of the day post.

Thanks for following and commenting!



PS: I will do a mini haul of what I bought at ULTA (I spent under 20 bucks, yeahhh buddy!).


  1. Great post!!! Your room is adorable btw!!

  2. Thanks! Except I have to share it with my sister):

  3. great post!

    i've tagged you in the 4 things tag on my blog, the post is at:

    hope you get a chance to do it and enjoy it =) xx

    p.s sorry for leaving this as a comment, i couldn't find your email address!

  4. Super cute! Did you get one of those awesome frozen yoghurts at costco? x

  5. @ *Starsglittermagic
    Yeah I think I do need to put up my contact info! Thanks

    @ Nic- Of course I got one of the amazing fro yo's! I love those things.

  6. Cute the white shirt :) How did you get by with spending less than $20 at ULTA...I am envious :)


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