Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spirit Week!

I'm back from my long pause in the blogging world!
Yesterday marked the start of Spirit Week at my high school.
Monday was PJ day.
Today was Decade day (we had the 60's), I didn't do this one.
Wednesday is Neon Color day (lame, we're neon orange). I won't be doing this one either!
Thursday is Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity (any suggestions???)
Friday is School Pride.

Here is what I wore for PJ day. It was SO much fun, not to mention ridiculously comfy!
I forced Lily to wear our matching PJs that we had bought for our school trip last year. At the time
we had an obsession with owls (Woodsy Owl from the 70's PSAs in case you were wondering).

The PJs are from Target.
My tank top is from Kohls.
Lily wore a white tank top from New York and Company (she says that "It's really comfortable."
I wore black flip flops from Kohls .
Lily wore black flip flops from Payless.

Any suggestions for the Celebrity day for me? It'd be greatly appreciated!

Oh and do you guys think that it's too late for a September favorites?



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